Contour Seat

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Contour Seat

Did you ever wonder why a farmer can sit in a hard, stamped metal seat with no padding, all day while he plows his fields? It's because the weight of his body is distributed over the large contoured area of the seat.This simple and obvious concept was the driving force behind the Contour Saddle. The new design, with softer foam padding, has a large surface area to help relieve painful contact points. This results in a bicycle seat that is perfect for larger riders or anyone tired of the pain caused by typical bicycle seats.

Included with the saddle is what we call our 'Safety Bracket', which is a metal bracket system engineered and offered only by, that is designed to provide lateral stability of the Contour Seat just like a support bar would, without having to have a support bar installed on your bike or trike. The support bar can be difficult to install, not compatible with your bike, and can look ugly. The Safety Bracket is installed on the seat before being shipped, and the Contour Seat is ready for use right out of the box! However, we do still offer support bars for these seats if you'd like to have a support bar in lieu of the safety bracket. Please call, chat, or email us if you'd like to have the support bar sent with the Contour Seat instead of the safety bracket.

  • Large surface area and foam padding removes pressure points and reduces irritation 
  • Seat measures 16'' W x 12'' L
  • Durable vinyl seat covering
  • Safety bracket engineered and only offered by provides lateral stability of seat without having to install support bar 

This saddle is best suited for riders that:

  • Sit straight up on the saddle in a casual riding position
  • Weigh 250+ pounds (seat is rated for 400lbs)
  • Are male or female (unisex design)
  • Are unable to ride comfortably or safely on a traditional bicycle seat
  • Are going to be replacing the saddle on a adult trike, cruiser, or stationary/exercise bike

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