Cloud 9 Cruiser Sofa Bike Seat

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Cloud 9 Cruiser Sofa

The Cloud 9 Cruiser Sofa saddle is one of the largest, widest saddles that Cloud 9 has to offer! This seat uses a thick layer of multi-stage padding that reduces sensitive area pressure points. The deep anatomic relief zone provides perineal and groin area pain relief and cool air circulation.

  • Multi stage foam padding reduces pressure points
  • Seat measures 11.5'' W x 12.5'' L
  • Vented anatomic relief zone
  • Metal coil spring suspension system provides shock absorption when riding

This saddle is best suited for riders that:

  • Experience mild to moderate groin, prostate, tailbone/coccyx, or perineum area pain and discomfort
  • Sit straight up on the saddle in a casual riding position
  • Weigh less than 300lbs (seat is rated for 350lbs)
  • are male or female (unisex design)
  • are going to be replacing the saddle on a cruiser, mountain/hybrid, or stationary/exercise bike

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